Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are prestigious medals made for all the branches of the armed forces as well as for other organizations. We have challenge coins for the navy, army, marine, military, fire-fighters and the coastguard apart from challenge coins for private and public occasions. Nowadays gifts to commemorate events/ moments are being replaced in almost all sectors by custom challenge coins.

Challenge coins date back to First World War. An Ivy League student of the air force was struck down while flying and he landed behind enemy lines. He was in custody of the Germans, and after verifying his credentials, they took him to French borders. He managed to escape during the night and crossed the border and was again caught by the French and was recognised via his solid bronze medallion. The Frenchmen recognized the coin and his life were saved thanks to the medallion. Thus, challenge coins came into existence; they were a means of identification and also evolved into a token of appreciation and bravery. Later these challenge coin took a prestigious place in the armed forces; in fact, the traditional practise of carrying the custom challenge coin is still in place wherever it is issued.

Similarly we have the Army challenge coin for the army unit and the Navy challenge coin for Naval troops and so on for all the departments. The Challenge Coin Store designs a variety of challenge coins and custom challenge coins. As per the requested design, shape, size, we embellish the metal with graphic designs or with the symbols or emblems of the unit for which the coins have been requested. Once you approve the design, we will go ahead in designing the coins as per required quantity. We also offer free shipping services. Place your order today and rest assured of a hassle free delivery within 5 working days!